Maja Matic

I am a composer, arranger, and educator, based in Ljubljana and Rotterdam.

Music has been my passion since I remember, and ever since I was little, I always had the need to be creative with it.
Nowadays, I still approach music in the same way, and it is my mission to give my music students the environment to grow creatively as well.


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I have two homes in two great cities, very different by nature,
which give two very different perspectives on life.
They remind me that things should never be taken for granted.








My music wanders between the borders of jazz and contemporary classical music, and often touches electroacoustic music.
Rhythm and colour take up a large part of my musical fascination.

Some music for a taste

Blue, Brown – Tinnitus

A composition for large jazz orchestra / symphonic big band

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As a guest teacher of composition didactics on Codarts Rotterdam (since 2014) and Royal Conservatory in the Hague (since 2018), I have been researching new strategies for teaching creative music. My teaching has always involved encouraging students towards improvisation and making their own music.

I teach piano, theory and composition individually, give composition workshops for children and adults, and give creativity workshops.

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