L’electronique is also an exploration of groove, but like the name suggests, not an exploration of human groove, but of groove that is produced by electronic machines. It is an interpretation of machine noise that can be danced to; therefore hearing the usual repetitive noise of home appliances that we normally perceive as background noise, or even as annoying, as groove.

In this view, the piece consists of four miniatures which explore sounds of four ordinary house machines: Halogene lamp, Washing machine, Printer and Dish washer. The first one attempts to imitate the accelerating flickering sound when turning on a ceiling lamp. The second plays with the cycles of a turning washing machine. The third is inspired by a printer in its irregular abrupt movements. The fourth gets its monotonous ostinato from a dishwasher getting stuck over a badly placed dish. Although the four pieces were born as imitations, their core materials were developed with a purpose of creating groove through polyrhythms, incorporating the jazz characteristic of “feeling the windows”.

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